Meet the “Boyz”

Irish and Bailey

They are “family” and have won my heart!


Meet Irish

Irish is a Boxer and was born on 9-11.  He just turned 8 which is 56 in human years. Irish was my first dog and we connected from the moment we met!

I held him in my lap on the way home and he looked up at me and looked directly into my eyes with his blue puppy eyes staring into mine and I melted!


We had some very trying times during his “puppyhood”!  Irish decided he wanted to chew on everything and anything – he chewed and chewed and chewed some more!  He chewed up rugs and chewed on the wood panes on our bay window, along with the door moldings!

Each day I came home I wondered what other mischief he had gotten into!

Anyone who has owned or known a Boxer pup knows how energetic they are!  If only I had 1/4 of his energy!!


Irish was almost a year old when I brought a new member into the house, Bailey the Cockapoo!

Meet Bailey


I only went to “look” at Bailey, but once I saw that furry little puppy with his black button nose and wagging tail there was no “looking”!  He was coming home with me!  He had the cuteness factor X 20!

Bailey and Irish were introduced and soon became inseparable!  All of Irish’s behavior problems vanished with Bailey now in our household!  Irish was lonely and needed a friend while we were at work!  Bailey was a blessing for all of us.

He has such a great personality and is always happy and constantly wagging his tail.  Bailey loves everyone!  He is my wonderful happy boy and a great companion for Irish!

Aren’t dogs incredible with their loyalty,

 exuberance and unconditional love?! 

What would we do without them!!

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One thought on “Meet the “Boyz”

  1. Some nice portraits – they look like fun but I don’t have the time to look after a dog properly, so I’ll stick to Budgies. I really like the first shot of Bailey. The first shot with them both together makes me wonder what they were expecting – Bonio’s ?

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