My First Vegetable Garden – If I Plant it, it Will Grow

I could not help but think of the line from the movie “A Field of Dreams” “If you build it they will come” as I was planting my first vegetable garden.  I said to Tim, If I plant it, it will grow”.  People have told me not to be disappointed if my garden doesn’t do so well the first year.  If my veggies don’t do well this summer I will be disappointed!  That’s just the way I am.  However, I’m remaining optimistically confident and repeating my mantra If I plant it, it will grow”.

Topsy Turvy Hanging Frame Tim built last year. We grew tomatoes and peppers in topsy turvys and had great success.

I have only grown tomatoes, peppers and herbs, never a vegetable garden, and never from seed.  I started looking on the Internet for beginning gardening advice, tips, etc. and discovered a wealth of information.  Seriously … what can’t you find on the Internet!   What interested me most was Square Foot Gardening.  The square foot garden is a raised bed and is sectioned off  in a grid of square feet.  The premise is you are able to harvest a lot more produce in a smaller contained area with less work and less weeds –  no more row gardening.  For example, you would plant 16 carrots in one square, larger plants like tomatoes, one per square.  Sounds perfect to me!  Mel Bartholomew wrote his first book on this entitled Square Foot Gardening and a wealth of information about Square Foot Gardening is also available on-line.  I purchased Mel’s second book “All New Square Foot Gardening”.

(I bought this small 4×4 raised bed kit, I didn’ t have the heart to ask Tim to build me another bed, at least not this year!)

I couldn’t contain my excitement and as you might imagine Tim was just thrilled to be involved in yet another one of my projects, which meant he was building my garden!  Ha ha … there is a downside to being so talented at building and fixing things around the home!  I really do think he enjoys building me things even though he may grumble at first.  He constructed my raised bed and even dug up and tilled the grass for me, set the frame down once it was built, and filled the bed with soil we had delivered.  Of course I was out there watching . . . we joked that I made a good supervisor!  Just like road crews, one person working and 3 standing around watching (me and Irish & Bailey were watching).  Just like any good supervisor I did my homework, read and planned the garden.  I never had any idea that vegetables had companion plants and that the vegetables needed to be rotated each year.  The rest of my job was easy and fun; staining the bed, writing names of vegetables on my seed marker signs and planting.  As a supervisor, I will also be in charge of watering, fertilizing and pulling any weeds that may make their way into my garden.

Even though this is my first garden and I really knew zilch about gardening, you could say I started gardening at a young age, helping my dad plant seeds in his vegetable garden. He had a huge garden that he maintained for years and my mom froze and canned vegetables. 

A garden that massive was a tremendous amount of work and we all helped out and pitched in.  When I told my mother I was building a raised bed garden I think she was surprised, but pleased.  She said when I was younger I never liked working in the garden and getting my hands dirty.  I still don’t like to get my hands dirty and dirt under my nails … but that’s what gardening gloves are for!

I’m so excited to be starting a vegetable garden – just the thought of being able to pick fresh produce in my backyard produces a smile!  And now … one more time I’ll repeat my mantra “If I plant them they will grow!”

My spring flowers are growing beautifully!


37 thoughts on “My First Vegetable Garden – If I Plant it, it Will Grow

  1. There is nothing better than picking something you grew and preparing it in a recipe for your family. You will definately know where your food is coming from. Best of luck.

    • Thank you! I may need luck with this crazy Ohio weather!! I had just planted peas, spinach and carrots this weekend and we had some snow yesterday – it didn’t stick to the ground but it was coming down.

  2. Enjoy your garden. I mix mine in with my ornamental flowers and it seems to work great.It’s good you’re reading up on your knowledge. I remember the fist year I grew a garden about 12 years ago and planted zucchini right next to cucumbers. Hahaha, we got this horrible hybrid of “zuccumbers”. Not a smart move.

    • Thanks! I’m looking forward to it! I just hope my veggies do as well as my flower gardens. 🙂 BTW … I still can’t get over that you made and decorated 300 cookies! I’m sure you received lots of compliments Sunday as you passed them out!

  3. oh wow! that sounds so great 🙂 I am so looking forward to having my own garden soon and being able to grow my own veggies. I sometimes stumble on a webpage about gardening and I think one day I’ll have something like that. At least I am close to farmers markets now and don’t lack great quality produce but I would sure love to do it myself. Good luck with your garden and I can’t wait to see how it gets on this summer. Cheers!

    • Thank you so much Kari and thanks for stopping by and for the follow! I’m excited … I may need a lot of luck with this crazy Ohio weather we are having! I planted peas, spinach, and carrots this weekend and now yesterday it snowed! A few weeks back we had temps in the 80’s – I was loving that! Have a great day!

      • oh I am so looking forward to warm weather! But I know exactly what you mean. I’m in the south of Germany and usually we have better weather than the north so at least we get more sunshine. We were having the most beautiful Spring and then we also got snow last weekend! it was a total surprise since I thought I didn’t have to deal with that until next winter. I hope your veggies don’t mind the cold too much and they are able to grow well. 🙂

      • Thank you Kari! Warm weather … yes I am a sunshine warm weather girl! At least in 2 weeks I know I will have it when I go on vacation and become a beach bum for 11 days! And then warm weather will hopefully be here to stay for the summer in Ohio.

  4. If you can grow flowers, you can grow vegetables. Homegrown veggies are not only better for you they taste better and cook faster (just like homemade pasta). Wishing you success.

      • Hi Norma. I fixed it for you – I don’t like to make typos either, but I knew what you meant! 🙂 Sometimes I type too fast and get ahead of myself and hit the reply button too quickly!

    • Thank you Elena! I need the luck, my poor seeds are crying under the dirt!! I just planted carrots, spinach and peas this weekend and it snowed yesterday! Hopefully the weather will turn around again and warm up – crazy!

      • I always found it helpful to start the seeds in a ziplock bag with a wet paper towel and tape the bag to the sunniest window in the house. That always works for me… always! Try it 😀

      • Hey there – thank you so much for the tip! All tips and advice are much appreciated! How long do you leave it hanging in the window? Until it sprouts? Ha ha .. my neighbors probably already wonder what’s up when they see a camera, tripod and table set up in my front window. … now they can wonder about the baggie! lol 🙂

  5. I hope you planted basil – that is SO easy to grow and the harvest is constant all summer. THEN, to top it off, you can make homemade pesto from your garden and freeze it to enjoy all winter long. Let me know if you did, and I’ll send you a recipe that is super easy. Good luck!!

    • Yes, I will be planting basil! I love basil and actually I was surprised to find seeds for lime basil! I’ve never heard of lime basil before, but I was intrigued. Have you heard of it? Also, I purchased lemon basil, which I have heard of and thought it would make a great pesto. I do have a pesto recipe that I used last summer and froze but I’d love to take a look at yours – thanks for thinking of me!

      • We planted Spicy Globe Basil this year from Home Depot..took that baby and divided it into 2 plants, then transplanted to the ground. It stays very compact, so they suggested using it as a garnish (due to the small leaves). Sounds pretty to me. I have a Lemon Verbena, which is divine! We use the leaves in tea, and crush it up a little. Then add blueberries to the glass when serving. Pretty and tasty! I’ll send the pesto recipe(s) to you when I get home today, as one uses walnuts and the other pinenuts (they’ve gotten VERY expensive, so the walnuts are more cost effective).

      • The Lemon Verbena sounds wonderful!! I must look for that too! I’m also on the lookout for chocolate mint. Yes, I rarely buy pinenuts any longer because of the $$ … I wonder why they are so expensive?!

  6. I hope you planted basil (from a plant, not seed) as it will grow all summer and THEN you can make homemade pesto for freeze & enjoy all winter long. I have a really good recipe if you need it, just let me know and will send it your way. Good luck!!

    • Thanks so much, flower gardening is one of my passions – I have large perennial flower beds throughout my yard! I’ll be loving it even more when I see something emerging from the soil and veggies appearing! 🙂 We got hit with snow yesterday and a little today! 😦

      • Oh can keep that lol. I hope your gardens will be ok:( Sounds like some other areas in Maine and VT also had some snow. It just missed us I guess although it was windy and cold.

    • Thank you! I hope my veggies will do well … not off to a good start with snow flurries these past couple of days, hopefully the seeds stayed warm in their bed of soil! I can’t get enough of fresh flowers either … that’s part of the reason I made so many perennial flower beds – they are a lot of work, but worth it in the pleasure and beauty they bring! 🙂

  7. Yay, fresh veggies and herbs! Can’t wait to see what pastas you start making fresh from your garden:)

    I keep telling myself I will grow a little patch of vegetables, but alas my backyard is the size of a postage stamp and only a 1/4 of it gets sunlight. Ah well, maybe I’ll win the next mega millions and buy off the entire common area heheheh ~Ruth

  8. You have a green thumb so I am sure that those veggies will grow like crazy! Your talent truely amazes me; from growing veggies and beautiful flowers, to cooking and your wonderful talent for photography!

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