A Tribute for my beloved Boxer Dog “Irish” 9-11-03 – 9-11-12 Ingredients for a Recipe of Healing

Today I will not be posting a “recipe”, but rather an ingredient in a recipe for my healing in dealing with the grief and loss of my Boxer dog Irish.  My beloved Boxer Dog “Irish” contracted an aggressive prostate cancer and within 3 days he was gone.

Irish showed no signs of illness prior to Saturday, September 8th.   Saturday, late morning he started having trouble getting up and dragged his back leg.  We called the Vet and he said it sounded like arthritis and to give him aspirin and if he wasn’t better over the weekend to bring him in.  He was in a bad way on Saturday and looking at his eyes it just seemed that he wasn’t “there” and sort of out of it.  It broke my heart to see him like that.   Sunday he was much better and wasn’t dragging his back legs and seemed more like himself.  I was so encouraged and glad he was feeling better.  Monday morning we were still concerned and Tim took Irish in to see the Vet and he discovered a tumor and cancer of the prostrate.  He was scheduled to come back to the Vet the next morning at 7:30 a.m. for a biopsy to see if we could possibly shrink the tumor.  By mid morning Irish couldn’t urinate even though he kept trying and trying and trying.  He tried all day and evening to urinate and nothing would come out. We were devastated at the news that Irish had cancer and now concerned that he couldn’t urinate.

The next day, September 11th was his 9th Birthday.  We didn’t know what would happen so we gave him one of his favorite treats – eggs with his dog food and some vanilla ice-cream and sang happy birthday to him.  He was on my lap that evening for a couple of hours and slept as I petted him.

The next morning Irish still couldn’t urinate and we took Irish to the Vet.  Through tears, we talked with our Vet and told him of Irish’s inability to urinate and wondered if it was “time” to let Irish go.  He said Irish’s inability to urinate was not good and that the tumor was now blocking the urine.  Irish wouldn’t have lasted 3-4 days and would be in extreme pain. He felt that it was time. I, with my husband, made one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made and that was to let Irish go with love so that he wouldn’t suffer any more pain.  We were both sobbing uncontrollably and were with Irish as he took his final breath.  He went quickly and we were with him but I will never forget that.  It was horrible and it was agonizingly painful for both of us.  Even to the end he was kissing us and wagging his tail.  I walked around the first day numb, in shock and crying.  I cried the next day and the day after that.  I just couldn’t believe he was taken from us so quickly and without warning.

Our home feels empty without him and our other dog Bailey kept looking for Irish the first few days.  He misses him too.  Irish was my first dog and I loved him so much.  I had no idea of the pain and sadness I would feel upon his passing.  It is overwhelming.  I read as much as I could about grieving over the loss of a dog, searching for anything that would help me, to ease the pain.  I talked a lot about it with Tim and with friends, I cried, I screamed that first day alone in my car with the windows up, and it all helped.  It helped to talk about it with friends who cared and understood – who were also dog lovers.  It helped to cry and it helped to scream.  Tim and I talk about Irish all the time and we miss him – he filled the house with his presence.

With each passing day the pain has gotten better.  I don’t cry every day, I still have moments where my eyes will tear up, but I’m moving through the healing process.  I try to keep busy and I try hard to remember happy memories and not the memories of his last day.  I can talk about Irish without crying now, I can smile at funny things he did and I can smile when I look at all the pictures I have taken of him over the years.  I miss him so much and I think I probably will always miss him but the pain is slowly lessening and I can now laugh again.  I am moving through the grieving process and I’m sure my last tear is not yet shed. As part of grieving, I read a suggestion to write a tribute.  A Tribute for Irish follows; an ingredient for a recipe of healing.

A Tribute to My Dog “Irish”
September 11, 2003 – September 11, 2012

I never had a dog before or for that matter, I had never spent any amount of time around a dog. As I was driving with Tim to get our puppy I really wasn’t 100% convinced that I wanted one. All that changed within a short span of 30 minutes. There were two Boxer puppies left; one was all white and the other, soon to become my first dog was a beautiful little fawn boy who we named Irish. Tim drove and I held Irish in my lap. The moment that changed my life forever occurred within 30 minutes. Irish settled comfortably in my lap and to my utter amazement and astonishment he looked up with his puppy blue eyes directly into my eyes. I just couldn’t believe he looked into my eyes! It was love at first sight, so to speak, and from that moment on he was endeared to my heart.

That is not to say we didn’t have our trials and trying moments with Irish during his puppy stages. Oh … he was such a bad puppy! He chewed our bay window and door moldings, and chewed my shoes! That was forgotten as he turned into such a good loving dog. I don’t even mind looking at the door molding that has some of his chew marks still on it from his puppy days … now it is just a reminder of the Boxer boy I loved!

As a puppy and young dog Irish was so full of energy and playfulness! When I would let him outside he would run and run and run around the yard going faster and faster. It seemed he had an endless supply of energy. He loved to play ball and was really, really good at it!   We would throw the ball high in the air and he could catch it out of the air. One of his many nick names was ball ball doggie. He could play ball for hours. When we were inside the house he was always bringing us balls or toys to play tug with. He loved playing “tag” with me. I would chase him around the dining room table and house and try to catch him.

When I got a new cell phone and tried out the different ring tones for some reason that made him howl … it was so funny when he did that.

Irish loved flowers! When we were outside often times we would see Irish smelling the flowers! When I was gardening I had to make sure I kept my gardening gloves close by otherwise he would pick them up in his mouth and run with them. He was such a clown and made us laugh.

He was always at the door to greet me with his wagging tail when I came home.  I would often tease Tim that Irish was happier to see me than he was!

Irish followed me around the house and always wanted to go outside with me – he loved laying in the sun and walks around the neighborhood.

I taught him to “guard”. I would say “Guard” and he would run from one bird feeder to the other end of the yard to the other bird feeder to chase the squirrels away. Then he would look over at me as if to say “Did I do a good job?”. I’d give him the thumbs up and say “Good Job”! and he would happily come running back. He was so full of life and energy.

As Irish got older he slowed down but still liked to play. He was fascinated with our laser light and would chase it and try to pounce on it.  It was hysterical to watch.

He was a big “lap dog” 75 lbs. but I loved having him lay in my lap.

He was a great companion to our other dog Bailey and the two became very close.

He and Bailey chased squirrels in the yard. It was comical to watch because before they ran after the squirrels Irish would look at Bailey, and Bailey would look at Irish (it was their sign) and off running they would go to chase the squirrels!

Irish would bark at everyone that walked by letting them know he was here!  He was very protective of me.

Irish was so loving and sensitive to my feelings.  One day I had been upset and I was sitting near him crying, he came over and put his paws on my shoulders and looked at me as if to comfort me.  He was amazing – that is a moment I will forever remember.

I believe my girlfriend best summed up Irish when she said “He had a big personality”.

Irish, you have left my life, but you will never leave my heart.

26 thoughts on “A Tribute for my beloved Boxer Dog “Irish” 9-11-03 – 9-11-12 Ingredients for a Recipe of Healing

  1. Aww this post made me cry..I’m so sorry for your loss. I also have a dog and he is now 11..I see the signs of aging on him as well and I cannot imagine losing him. Irish was such a good and beautiful boy! I am sure he will be forever missed and loved. What a sweetheart.

    • Hi Kari. Thank you so much for your kind words – I really appreciate it. I hope your dog is well for a very long time-enjoy every moment. This is a tough time for sure and weekends are particularly hard because I am home where he was and constant reminders. I remember the happy times and time has a miraculous way of healing. Thanks again.

  2. We lost both of our dogs within the last year. Both were quite old, but that doesn’t change how much it hurts. Save a collar and a lock of hair if you have it. I know it is nice to look at the bookshelf and see the two collars a chewbone there. We now have a wonderful Diego and he both reminds us of them, and has his own special quirks. It is definitely harder on the other dog than you realize. Our boy had a tough time when he lost his sis. And I’m sure he led to his death a few months later. I am sorry for your loss. It is hard.

    • Thank you Sherry, I appreciate your thoughts and kind words. You know what I’m going through as you lost two that were close to your heart. I know how much it hurts losing Irish I cannot imagine losing two in such a short span of time … I’m sorry. We did save his collar and tags. They “ride” with me in my car. I know our little one is missing Irish too and we are paying extra attention to him and keeping an eye on him. He’s a good boy too and we love him!

  3. My heart brakes for you and Tim. You are in my prayers my Dear friend! With time and love we will heal but we will always keep them close in our hearts!

  4. So sorry for your loss. As a pet owner I truly feel your pain. I’ve lost 3 dogs in my lifetime and it’s hard each time no matter how or why it happens. Your never prepared. You can only do what’s best so that they don’t suffer. Time will help and you will always have wonderful memories of them. Stay strong. Stephanie

    • Thank you very much Stephanie for your kind thoughts and sympathy … I really appreciate it and I know as a dog lover you sincerely understand. I agree, no matter how or when it happens we can never be prepared and it will always hurt to lose one we love so much. I’m hanging in there and remembering the good memories that make me smile.

  5. We are so sad and sorry for you. We lost our Killian years ago, and still miss him dearly. Thoughts are being sent to you “in the air” from us here in Atlanta. Sorry, if I misspelled something…cause my tears are making my contacts float in my eyes…take care and know we are thinking of you.

    • Thank you very much Susan for your kind words and good thoughts coming my way – I really appreciate it. It does help to know that others care and to realize that I am not alone in my grieving process. It seems I made quite a few of my friends cry at work and others too … it just goes to show the impact and love that a dog brings to our lives. Thanks again. Cheryl

  6. oh I am so very sorry for your faithful ones tragedy. I am still ctryig. I read tyour post and karu, you really loved him IO love that . ad I get it so well ,My bvoxer is 13 a blessing he has athrtis and brnighntunmoes .y sounded like so much Boxer fun! I wish you pacedul times trha toyu aee able toi relfect on all the happy nomentws you shared,our iri God Blessw

  7. This is my third attempt at responding to you. I have cried to hard each time and cry now a couple weeks later. I lost my own Ruby girl (golden age 18.5) almost 2yrs ago and the pain is still there. You are going through all the emotions you need to. My heart goes out to you and your family and yes, animals left behind feel the pain also. It’s a process and finding others who understand and will let you talk about your pain and sadness over and over and over again in so important. I’m going to email you my number. I wish you were closer.
    Hugs and strength my friend…………………

    • I cannot convey in words how touched I felt when I read your words of sympathy. I wish I was closer too … I could have used a hug and would have hugged you right back. I know you truly understand … thank you so much for your support.

  8. I was so sorry to read this. I lost my first dog in 1995 and I still think of her and the other dogs I have loved on a daily basis. I don’t think you ever get over the loss of a beloved companion, but with time it becomes easier to deal with and you remember them less with sadness and more with joy. My thoughts and wishes of strength are with you.

    • Thank you very much for your words and sympathy. I remember Irish with happiness but right now the sadness prevails and I know in time, like you said, the happy memories will prevail.

  9. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. In a very strange way your post made me feel better….you see I am still grieving from the loss of my Max, my beloved boxer who I lost after 12 years on Aug 18th. Your picturs of you and Irish remind me of my Max….and how much our beloved boxers mean to so many families. They will always be our beloved friends who are with us every day…. thank you for sharing.

    • Gary I am so sorry for the loss of your Max. As dog lovers there is no one else that “gets it” and understands what we go through when one of ours passes. I’m glad what I wrote helped you and hope with time mostly the happy memories of you and Max remain.

  10. So sorry to about your beautiful Irish. Thank you for commenting on my blog about my baby, Chance. It took me a while to comment because I still get choked up, too. We are so much alike… Boxers are so much alike but have their each unique personality. You were such a good mom to Irish and he was beautiful. You are so right about them being sensitive to our feelings and it’s hard to explain. Hugs to you! ❤

    • Thank you for your kind words Amy. I understand about still getting choked up … they will always have a special place in our hearts! Yes, I thought the same thing .. that we are so much alike!

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