Decorated Sugar Cookies – It’s All in The Presentation

Decorated Sugar Cookie Basket

Happy Boss’s Day to all you bosses out there!  I left one cookie out of the basket which looked great but as I was writing on it I messed up and it ended up looking like “Happy Bossy Day”!  Ha ha … there are a probably a lot of deserving people for that bossy cookie!  However, my boss is not one of them.  I lucked out in the “boss department” and have a super great boss to work for … I’m one of the lucky ones! This year I wanted to do something a little extra special that showed some creativity and thought rather than just running to the store and picking up a gift card.  I really had fun making these cookies and putting together my first golf themed cookie basket.  Use your imagination and creativity and create a one of a kind beautiful cookie basket.  Go ahead … it’s fun … use your favorite sugar cookie recipe and get baking … and get your creativity on!

You can find the royal icing recipe here and read more detailed instructions on decorating sugar cookies.

To make “cookie pops” pick up some sticks (they come in different lengths) found at craft stores like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. Roll your cookie dough out thick enough so that you can easily place the stick in the middle of the cookie dough.  Bake as usual.  Be sure not to remove the cookies from the baking sheet until they are cooled, otherwise you will have a mess and you won’t be happy!

Decorated Sugar Cookie Basket

To assemble the basket I traced cardboard and laid it on the bottom of the basket.  I then took Styrofoam and put that on top and hot glued the Styrofoam to the cardboard.  Fill any extra space with shredded paper filler and make sure it is packed in tight so the Styrofoam will not  move around.

Cut out 7×7 squares of tissue paper and poke a hole in the middle.  Slide the tissue paper up the cookie pop, just below the cookie.    Pinch it around so it looks good and adhere the tissue paper to the pop stick.  Arrange your cookies by placing in the Styrofoam.

Decorated Sugar Cookie Basket

When all cookies are arranged, place your basket in a clear gift bag and secure with a large bow.  Now … stand back and admire your hard work!  🙂

Decorated Sugar Cookie Basket


6 thoughts on “Decorated Sugar Cookies – It’s All in The Presentation

    • Hey Jared 🙂 You made my day! What a great compliment … thank you so much, I’m glad you like it. I’m sure you could make anything you wanted to! It’s reading recipes and learning and picking up things as you go along … and watching Food Network Ha ha 🙂

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