Easter Cookie Basket

Easter Cookie Basket

Happy Easter!  This was an Easter Cookie basket I completed for a client.  I love the way this turned out.  The 3-D eggs were fun to design and decorate.  When I first started decorating cookies a couple of years I really loved doing it and then it turned into “I don’t think I like doing cookies” and for whatever reason, this Christmas it turned back to “I love decorating cookies” and now this year I’ve started a home business selling my creations!  LOL  Who says women can’t change their minds.  It has been fun also to observe my progress and improvements in technique in cookie decorating.  I look back at some of my first cookies I decorated and almost cringe seeing them being “Pinned” on Pinterest and I almost want to delete that post!  I’ll leave it, it’s good to see progress and improvement.

I’m happy to see Spring finally arriving … green grass, daffodils, trees budding and blooming … it is so uplifting.  Enjoy your Spring and your Easter!

3-D Easter Egg Sugar Cookie

Easter Sugar Cookies


Decorated Easter Cookies

Easter Cookie Basket

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