Watermelon Radish – Stunning Color for Your Salad

Isn’t this radish stunning?!  I love discovering different and unusual vegetables – my husband says “why can’t you plant “normal” vegetables and my reply was because normal is boring!  This was the first time I had seen a Watermelon Radish.  I grew these in my garden and could hardly wait until they were ready to harvest.  The wait was worth it – I love the color they bring to a salad and the taste is very similar to a regular radish. 

I ordered these from Burpee and following is their description of this radish:

“Heirloom treasure from China.

Heirloom. A beautiful and antique treasure from China, these large 3 – 3.5″ round roots are creamy white outside with a full central burst of watermelon rose. Flesh is crispy and mild, with a sweet flavor perfect for salads, garnishes, or cooking.”

I agree!  They are perfect for salads, garnishes and cooking.  Step outside the “norm” and give them a try!